Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Tribute

Not that I am too emotionally attached to the issue here, but still found it interesting enough to share. So,...

I saw this hoarding at the Prasar Bharti HQ in Delhi which said: A TRIBUTE TO THE LEGACY OF URDU. And ironically enough, it said that in English. This left me wondering if its a tribute to the current state of the language of the Nawabs or its legacy, as the hoarding claimed.


  1. sth similar had happnd in our school when our principal announced that we wld hav HINDI DAY celebrations in last two periods.

  2. Hi Rohit..... u don't know me, but am ur friend vaibhav's room-mate....

    good point of view, but i believe it had to be written in English coz most of us wudn't have been able to read it if it wud have been in urdu.... thats my point of view... any comments?

  3. @anonymous

    I agree with u completely...and thats the whole point...the hoarding conveyed more about the current pathetic state (which is hardly anyone being able to read it, as you pointed out), rather than its legacy